During the day-long symposium on Nov. 10, 2014, we asked participants to identify ways we might better integrate our schools and improve achievement levels, across district lines, while maintaining the current structure of city and suburban school districts in Monroe County. Many who attended, and others who could not, have offered support for the effort to improve educational outcomes using a variety of means to improve the socio-economic mix in all our schools.

Based on the responses collected that day, the GS4A coordinating committee established five work groups:

  1. County-wide magnet schools
  2. Summer learning
  3. Urban-Suburban expansion
  4. Regional planning and
  5. Diversity and outreach

We sought out conveners for each group and asked those interested to commit to serving on one of these five groups for 60 days. Each group is tasked with producing a preliminary report establishing straightforward objectives, reviewing relevant research, assessing opportunities for and barriers to success, and proposing action steps that could be initiated within the next year. A preliminary report of findings from each group is to be part of our community-wide conference in Spring 2015.




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