GS4A Receives Grant Funding

GS4A has been awarded two generous grants from the Greater Good Project and The Farash Foundation.

The Greater Good Project is an all-church endeavor organized by First Unitarian Church of Rochester. Each year, the youth of the church vote to fund two organizations. The community’s desire to engage with the work of GS4A has reached a level that is difficult to sustain with volunteer-only staffing. While our work will continue to be largely volunteer, funding from the Greater Good Project will enable us to hire a part-time program coordinator to support our leadership team and work groups, as well as oversee communications and coalition-building efforts.

The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation is dedicated to the civic and religious communities of its founders, and its work includes a commitment to educational excellence, accessibility and choice. Thanks to the funding from the Farash Foundation, we will conduct a countywide parent survey this winter to better measure support for a network of magnet and other collaborative schools open to students from across the county.


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