Nov 10 Audio

The following mp3 audio clips are from our November 10, 2014 symposium.

  1. Welcome: (9 minutes, 15 seconds)
    1. John Wilkinson, pastor Third Presbyterian Church
    2. Jennifer Leonard, President and CEO, Rochester Area Community Foundation
    3. Bolgan Vargas, Superintendent, Rochester City School District
    4. Allan Williams, Director of Special Projects and Educational Initiatives, City of Rochester
  2. Overview: (8:16)
    John Wilkinson
  3. Keynote: (39:30)
    Kara Finnigan, Associate Professor, University of Rochester
  4. Introduction of speakers from Raleigh NC: (6:10)
    Don Pryor, Center for Governmental Research
  5. View from Raleigh: (10:06)
    Bill Fletcher, member of Wake County (NC) Board of Education
  6. View from Raleigh: (9:51)
    Travis Mitchell, President and Executive Director, Communities in Schools Wake County
  7. View from Raleigh: (17:53)
    C. Steve Parrott, President, Wake Education Partnership
  8. View from Raleigh: (5:08)
    Christine Kushner, Chair Wake County (NC) Board of Education
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