Great Schools looking for social media assistance

Great Schools for All is looking for media savvy help as we work to build broad support for our goal of integrated interdistrict magnet schools and community understanding of the many ways they can improve the education experience of all children.

We have three part-time temporary job openings. If you are interested in any of these positions, send a resume and cover letter highlighting relevant experiences to

  • Social media coordinator to help us expand our reach through various social media platforms. We expect this person would add one to three posts per week on our various social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. GS4A team members will collaborate on or contribute the content for these posts. We expect this job could last up to a year (or beyond) and would take no more than 3 hours weekly.
  • Videographer to produce an introductory video for our website and social media platforms. GS4A hopes this 2-3 minute video will clearly state our goal, highlight relevant evidence in support of this goal and include several very brief personal testimonials. We expect this project could be completed in two to three months.
  • Update the GS4A website. GS4A seeks an experienced web designer who can upgrade our site, enhancing the overall appearance, improving accessibility, and constructing a format that allows for the seamless moving of posts among our social media accounts and website. We expect this project to take one to two months.
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