And now, a pause for these brief announcements…

Instead of our regular blog post, this week, we want to call your attention to a couple of opportunities:

  • You are invited to attend the second annual ROC Teen Summit! 

The purpose of this event is to feature the perspectives of young adults through 10-15 minute “TED Talk” style presentations that showcase “ideas worth spreading” as it pertains to social justice issues that impact our community. Each talk will be focused on social constructs that adolescents face (racism, segregation, misogyny, adultism, etc.) as well as thoughts on how we might come together to deconstruct and resolve these issues and make our community a better place.

Last year, this event outgrew the venue in Nazareth College’s forum, so there is a new location to match the magnitude of the event! This year’s young people will give their “TED Talk” style presentations at the Lyric Theatre, 440 East Avenue in downtown Rochester on Saturday April 23, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm!

Registration prior to the event is required but admission is free of charge. Please share widely with your networks. For more details and to register online, click here.

  • Share your stories as part of a GS4A social media campaign

This spring, Great Schools plans to launch a series of videos on our website, on Facebook and perhaps on other forms of social media. these videos will be personal stories that can help put a human face to our message—that would underscore the chronic problems in high poverty schools, and/or highlight the benefits, for both poor and middle class of students, of  truly socioeconomically and racially diverse schools.

We are looking for parents, teachers, students and others with stories to share. These videos will be short—typically just two to three minutes—and tightly focused. If you think you have a story that would help us better tell our story, please contact Mark Hare at

Send a brief biography and a short summary the story you’d like to share.